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SPHERE Ti combo vaporizer / enail  (option) with a temperature controller, for optimum control of vaporization
Compact and durable, medium inhalation flow

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Height39 cm
Width12 cm
Diameter5 cm
Glass thickness5 mm
Weight1,5 Kg
CompositionTitanium, Borosilicate glass
Consumption12V / 36W

    •    Fonction convection vaporizer, swirling heat, variable temperature of 90° to 300°C , to vaporize all medicinal plants, oils and resinous (on the bowl), optimized for complete extraction in 1 or 2 inhalation
    •    Fonction enail (optional), variable temperature of 170°C to 500°C, to vaporize concentrates (in direct contact on the broadcaster)
    •    All the elements and the waterproof heater are titanium (grade 2)
    •    Compact and durable, soft inhalation flow
    •    Work on 100/240VAC, the injector operates at low voltage (12V)

The set includes : body SPHERE, bowl Ti 18.8mm, 5 screens, injector Ti, 4 orings viton, silicone sleeve, enail glass Ti (optional), titanium dabber, temperature controler, carry case, variable power supply with EU plug

Don't forget to select the power plug:

- EU plug (France, Europe)
- EU plug / US adapter (USA, Canada)
- EU plug / UK adapter (United Kingdom)
- EU plug / AU adapter (Australia)

Bowl and enail (optional) joint size: 18.8mm

Best working

Love the vaporizer best on planet!

    Bester vaporizer auf der Welt

    Dieser vaporizer hat eine ausgesprochen gute Verarbeitung. Der Geschmack ist unbeschreiblich gut. Ich bin begeistert wie gut dieser Vaporizer funktioniert und ich habe auch schon einige Erfahrungen unteranderm auch volcano probiert u. s. w. Herborizer ihr hab die beste Qualität auf dem Markt und ich würde immer wieder bei euch bestellen. Langlebigkeit ist ein Anzeichen für Tolle Zufriedenheit und Lachen bei der Kundschaft.

      Best Taste of the World

      Bester Stand vaporizer auf der Welt ich würde ihn immer wieder kaufen. Ich habe schon viel versucht einschließlich Volcano aber dieser Herborizer ist im Geschmack und in der Verarbeitung unschlagbar.
      Top Qualität unschlagbares Gerät.

        Do not skip on this!!

        Absolutely no regrets buying this. This is a monster unit that will eat through your herb with ease.

        On lower temperatures, you can get the smoothest and most flavourful hits. With quality materials, every session becomes a treat!
        Or you can also bring the dial up and clear out a massive bowl in one hit, that will leave you dazed as if it was your first time.

        I appreciate that no matter how long you leave the unit on, the exposed metal parts of the injector never get seering hot. They do get pretty hot, but the silicone sleeve they provide, gets that taken care of.
        Careful of the glass in contact with it though, won't leave a mark but you won't like it.

        The complete glass setup makes it so you can watch your herb slowly changing colour through the temperature. Easier to know when you're done and also amazing to look at.

        I hesitated between what body to go with, but I believe I made the perfect choice for myself with the Sphere. It's solid, stable and easy to clean. What more can you ask for? It also hits very clean, holds a lot of water for sensitive lungs and lots of thick vapor!
        The design is also great if you like to clear your hits in multiple breaths, as very little vapor escapes even if you wait for a while.

        TLDR: Great for long and short sessions. Good taste. Hard Hitting. Good looking. Sphere is awesome. Buy it.

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        Vaporizer sphere Ti

        Vaporizer sphere Ti

        SPHERE Ti combo vaporizer / enail  (option) with a temperature controller, for optimum control of vaporization
        Compact and durable, medium inhalation flow

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